Network Analyzer Pro App Reviews

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Regularly useful

Although iGadgets are hardly ideal network analysis devices, this app makes a valiant effort, and succeeds. I use it regularly in both a corporate environment and at home for quick network checks. I always have my phone with me, and this app makes it easy to do a quick ping, or check network speed, or see whos using the wi-fi network, etc. Very handy.

Great for telling you what your network is really doing

This has become my go-to app for working out what is really happening on my networks. Just rescan to find where everything is now, which works great alongside the interminable router configuration tables. It wont yet tell me where the second DHCP server is thats on the network, but it wouldnt surprise me to see that feature arrive...


Excellent app, can be used as a swiss knife for quick network analyses (LAN, WAN, Ping/traceroute, speed and much more). Fast, ergonomic.

Perfect Net Tool

Absolutely amazing! Has ping, speed, lots of specs and stats plus many other tools. Powerful and useful tool for your network needs, totally worth the price.

Good Tool

Helps me a lot to make first checks without PC or Notebook

Wonderful App

It is well designed, extremely well documented - check out its website. It is working flawlessly. I picked it as replacement for Fing, because they got too data hungry.

Realy helpful application

Simple to use and works greate.


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Net An

Excellent comprehensive easy to use app.

Very nice.

I dont you use it much, but very handy to test the speed and look up ip addresses.

Very Nice !

This app just work !

Great App !!

Valuable set of tools to let you view your network. Handy, yet comprehensive. Recommended.

Great tool to have!

Gets the job done and does it well! Awesome app


Helps debug both my network and those of my friends. Good tool to have.

Love it

Love this app and when Im fixing network connection it take just second to find the problem

So far so good

Havent used it much but did find an unauthorized user on my network. A change of password and a deletion of the unit solved all problems.


Amazing tool. Love it!

Great App

This is / has been a great application. I use it often.

Great App!!

I have used this app to show up my internet technicians numerous times

Most Informative Net Tool

Provides all the important information youll ever need. Very user friendly app. Thanks!

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